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Grabbing Arse

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Posted in Inside,People by Scarlet on April 3, 2006

IMG_4282-vi.jpgI'm really getting annoyed at the quality of these pictures. I swear they are better. If only I had high speed internet at home…

This is Ali and Nate. They're adorable. 


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Picture 220.jpgSorry for the small size. I think I took this on my older camera with fewer megapixels. But the picture makes me laugh:)


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Ali and I were all about the Staten Island Ferry. Sure, it’s uber touristy but that’s ok because:

1) we were technically tourists

2) it’s free

3) it provides great photo ops

This is one of my favorite photos…I love a “frame” within a photograph.

NYC1 028.jpg


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AliI want to have my photo of the day be one I actually took that day, but I am feeling a little off as a result of the high pollen levels in the area. (“off”=feels like death)

So, please enjoy this photo I took of my younger sister, Ali, on a trip to New England. We were exhausted from a long, LONG day of driving and sightseeing and kept driving around trying to find a good Chinese restaurant for dinner. By 9pm or so, we gave up and headed to West Hartford (via every other part of Hartford as we kept missing the Interstate) for Olive Garden which turned out to be the best meal ever. I took this while we were waiting for our waitress.

So, give it a caption but if you’re dirty, you’re banished!